Neuss thermal power stations

30 Volvo Penta marine diesel engines

First biogenic, CO₂-neutral, baseload-capable thermal power station in the world! 
Within seven months, Jochen Lippert developed and built a thermal park in Neuss Harbour with unique characteristics. With a total of 30 marine diesel engines (Volvo Penta) housed in containers, 12 MW of electricity and 12 MW of thermal energy have been produced at one location since 2008!

The exhaust gases of the 30 marine diesel engines are filtered by the catalytic reactor system designed and patented by Jochen Lippert. The catalytic converter system falls below all current emission limits. Experts like to describe the final product as “white energy”.

These systems are operated with an engine load of 80 percent at 8,000 h per year.
Energy is generated exclusively from renewable raw materials and is characterised as C0₂ neutral.

In addition to the technical maturity, the compact design and the low maintenance requirements provide real added value.

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  • Engines: 30 Volvo Penta marine diesel engines
  • Performance:
    12 MW electric energy
    12 MW thermal energy
  • Engine load: 80 percent at 8,000 h per year
  • Efficiency: > 90%
  • Development and construction: 7 months (altogether)


  • Full retrievable performance after only 18 s
  • Patented catalytic converter system
  • C0₂ neutral because renewable raw materials are used as fuel
  • Innovative system reducing shortening service and maintenance times
  • Modular design

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