MTS Amulet inland tanker

Europe’s most environmentally friendly tanker

The Amulet Ecotanker is currently the ‘greenest’ and most sustainable inland tanker in the Netherlands. A green ship with a Clean Conscience
Because of the compact design and modular structure, the modified CRT/SCRT system designed by Jochen Lippert is suitable for retrofitting nearly all engine types and power classes.

Through a combination of highly efficient diesel particulate filters, pollutant-reducing urea, and our double Y-tube with integrated exhaust booster we are already able to meet the 2022 emission requirements for shipping.
Since 2010, we have been able to demonstrate this on a Dutch eco-tanker, which has received numerous international awards because of its environmental friendliness.

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Range of services

  • Almost all engine types and power classes can be retrofitted
  • Compact, all-in-one construction
  • Modular construction
  • Prefabricated delivery
  • Short installation times
  • Simple maintenance of the overall system
  • High profitability


  • 135 m long, 14.15 m wide, 6752 to charge capacity
  • Four 500 kW Volvo diesel engines
  • Installation of four energy SCRT systems
  • Delivery in two all-in-one containers
  • Emission reduction through Y-tube and exhaust booster
  • Increase efficiency through urea injection and particulate filters


✅ overall concept of the vessel reduces C0₂ emissions by over 30 percent

 ✅ overall result already meets the emission requirements for 2022

✅ particulate matter reduction of 99 percent

✅ reduction of nitrous oxides far below the emission requirements for 2022

✅ soot haze value of a marginal 0.05 (equivalent to a Euro 6 exhaust value of cars and trucks)
Reduced CO₂ emissions >30%

Particulate matter reduction up to 99%

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