For an environmentally friendly power supply

WhiteTec GmbH & Co. KG has already successfully delivered many megawatt services to the electricity grid, thereby making a significant contribution to an environmentally friendly energy supply.

The service range of WhiteTec GmbH & Co. KG as a general contractor covers the entire process chain from a single source.
We focus on open-area photovoltaic plants, with a minimum installed capacity of 3 MWp.
We have a strong and competent team at national and international level, from the selection of the property, through the detailed project development, the procurement of the required components, the set-up, commissioning and the commercial and technical operation and maintenance of solar power plants.
We also work with a comprehensive, international network of EPCs, installation companies, project managers, construction managers and assemblers, offering a perfect combination of know-how, experience, reliability, quality and profitability.

Project processes

  • Selection of properties according to optimal irradiation values ​​and soil conditions
  • Prediction of energy generation capacity
  • calculation of profitability
  • financing
  • Rent / purchase of land
  • Construction permits of the power plant
  • Energy levy agreement (PPA)
  • Planning and arrangement of the components
  • Cost optimization
  • Logistics: procurement, delivery, assembly
  • Planning: conceptual planning, development planning and assembly planning of the technological processes


Proper selection of properties, the economic evaluation and development of a power plant, as well as the construction of a powerful team are decisive for the long-term economic success of a photovoltaic plant.
Through our long project experience, we always have control over every process step and with our experienced partners, we ensure a smooth, smooth and long-term operation of photovoltaic projects.
Supervisor: We optimize the investment costs, work with the first-class manufacturers, guarantee the timely completion of the projects by coordinating and controlling the process chain.

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