Energy project in Indonesia

300 thermal power stations for South-east Asia

300 baseload-capable combined heat and power plants provide environmentally friendly energy in Indonesia
Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands of which are inhabited more than 6,000 individuals. On some of these islands, 300 thermal power stations have been installed. These are powered by renewable raw materials from domestic cultivation.

The concept reduces the import dependency on global markets and ensures a stable power supply. Even remote areas are supplied with energy in an environmentally friendly self-sufficient manner. This opens up new opportunities for the sustainable production of energy as well as the production of goods and commodities, thereby improving the general living conditions in previously disadvantaged areas.

In the approval process in accordance with the Federal Emission Control Act, it was found that the exhaust after-treatment technology results in levels that fall below all applicable limits. In some areas, the measurement results are even below the irrelevance limit, thereby conforming to the standards of the country with the most stringent environmental legislation.
In small infrastructure projects, the energy produced by the stations has been provided to the population via area networks. Within these regional networks, the cooling energy gained from the exhaust heat is used to supply publicly accessible refrigerated warehouses or to cool newly built schools and hospitals.

The exhaust heat (in the form of steam) is used in the production of textiles or for water treatment. The ambitious project also includes the construction of local sewage treatment plants and the use of waste in bio-gas systems and as fertiliser.

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