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Because of the compact design and modular structure, the modified CRT/SCRT system designed by Jochen Lippert is suitable for retrofitting nearly all engine types and power classes. Since 2010, we have been able to demonstrate this on a Dutch eco-tanker, which has received numerous international awards because of its environmental friendliness.

First biogenic, CO₂-neutral, baseload-capable thermal power station in the world!  
With a total of 30 baseload-capable marine diesel engines housed in containers, 12 MW of electric energy and 12 NW of thermal energy are produced at a central location in Neuss Harbour. The energy generated by the visionary thermal heating station park is used to supply 25,000 households and a heating terminal for tank containers with electricity and heat.

Sparky – the electric car
“Sparky” is the prototype of an electric car that can be electrically charged without a power outlet. How it’s done: “Sparky” has a micro-generator under the hood. This burns vegetable oil and even frying oil. “Sparky” is light (yet not Spartan) and can be operated as an electric car without the need for a power outlet. 

Solar Park
Under the leadership of Bernd Mayer, several open-air photovoltaic projects in the megawatt range have been planned and implemented since 2009. Bernd Mayer has acquired extensive and in-depth technical expertise in the field of renewable and alternative energy generation plants. 

Indonesia project
Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands of which are inhabited more than 6,000 individuals. On some of these islands, 300 thermal power stations have been installed. These are powered by renewable raw materials from domestic cultivation. In small infrastructure projects, the energy produced by the stations is provided to the population via area networks.

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