Sparky – the electric car

Electrically recharge without a power outlet!

“Sparky” has a micro-generator under the hood, which even burns frying oil.
In 2011, Jochen Lippert developed a prototype for an electric car that can be electrically charged without a power outlet. How it’s done: “Sparky” has a micro-generator under the hood. This burns vegetable oil – and even frying oil.

“Sparky” is light (yet not Spartan) and can be operated as an electric car without the need for a power outlet.

A two-cylinder micro-generator turns on when the battery is empty and re-loads it during the ride. After one hour, there is enough power in the battery so that “Sparky” can travel 200 km with an electric drive. This is not a hybrid drive.
Instead of providing the drive with “continuous current” – thereby wasting 40 percent of the energy from the batteries – “Sparky” relies on a ticking signal, which interrupts the current flow up to 60 times per second.

The result: Warming is reduced. The vehicle can thus travel 1200 km on a single filling.
In the development of sports cars, WhiteTec is setting new standards and focussing on higher performance as well as increased efficiency with respect to consumption and range.

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